Alja in Lara

Alja in Lara

We are sisters Luksic and we are Bingelci!

As Bingelci we love life and we do not take it too seriously. When we scroll up and down the less or more interesting ways, we never have a precisely determined final goal and always choose the one that fills us with positive energy. Our belief is that the right path is never the easiest, but it ultimately brings us the greatest joy. That is also how we got an idea for Bingelci. We spend most of our time in parallel universe and come to Earth especially when we try to brighten other people's life. At the same time we do not care too much about other's opinions unless it is positive. And we do not like silence, so we give every moment a special soundtrack. Music is our great love, while it gives us endless inspiration. Our souls are old school and intertwined with different concepts, thoughts, emotion at the same time. Every day we are more and more aware of the fact, that we are defined by the roots of our past.



Lara – the first Bingelc is a typical phlegmatic and completely opposite of choleric sister Alja – the second Bingelc. Just like only the two Bingelci together reach a balance, only both of us together are the greatest role models to each other, critics and support. Together we are an invincible team. This is reflected also in our brand Bingelci, created by a creative economist, who makes these special bicycle tassels and a pragmatic lawyer, who regulates formalities. 

Bingelci are produced in grandfather's workshop. Each pair is 100% handmade and that each Bingelc is unique.